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Are you looking for authentic, clean, natural health products you can trust? Then welcome to our home where we take ‘natural’ seriously. We proudly produce our own full-spectrum VIVACA® liquid botanical extracts to make high-quality formulations. From field to shelf, our VIVACA® products contain 100% botanicals that are grown, formulated, and packaged in Alberta, Canada where our air is clean and our soil rich with essential nutrients for healthy plants.

All VIVACA® products are licensed by the Non-Prescriptive Natural Health Product Directorate of Canada (NNHPD) which is a regulatory arm of Health Canada. VIVACA® does not contain any fillers or added colours. In addition to the superb full-spectrum extracts in each of the formulations, we use only natural flavours and stevia as a sweetener.

Our products are not over processed, they are kept in liquid extract form in order to be more bioavailable to the body. VIVACA® is tested in collaboration with Canadian Naturopathic doctors, microbiologists, and organic chemists and evaluated by consumers for their effectiveness.

rholdiola rosea

Rholdiola Rosea for stress

We all understand what it feels like to be stressed. Good stress can motivate us to work even harder to achieve our goals, however, when stress is constant and relentless or sudden and dramatic, it can take over our body’s natural coping mechanisms affecting both our physical and mental health. If this is you, then try VIVACA® Rhodiola Rosea for stress!!!
menopause natural health supplement

Vivaca for Menopause

Are you experiencing early signs of menopause (peri-menopause) and you are only in your early 40’s? Perhaps you’re in full menopause or post menopause, and those mood swings or hot flushes are taking over; then try our gentle, non-hormonal natural health supplement that women (and their spouses) are raving about — VIVACA® For Menopause.