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Celebrate World Menopause Day at the Edmonton Menopause Conference

October 18th is World Menopause Day 2017!   Being a woman in today’s world, is all about embracing menopause as the threshold into the next phase of our lives as a beginning not as an end.   We are changing our attitudes about aging and expressing it through the way we live, eat, work, dress and how we see ourselves in the mirror.  This new reflection is impacting the world.

World Wide, Women Are In A Revolution To Change The Way They Age. Powerful Speakers & Educators Will Provide You With Thought Provoking Ideas And Exciting New Ways To Engage A Healthy, Positive Menopause Journey.  

Don’t Wait Until You’re In Menopause Crisis, Get The Right Tools Before Menopause Starts.  Bring Your Daughters And Empower Them! 

Celebrate World Menopause Day with us at the Edmonton Menopause Day Conference and Trade Show October 21st.  Where you will meet exceptional women that will inspire you; learn about the new ways to manage your menopause transition with a deeper understanding of how amazing your body really is and how you can embrace this phase of life with confidence.

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