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CTV Edmonton Morning Live featuring Anita Dyrbye and Dianna Bowes

Stacey Brotzel had fun learning discussing a topic feared by some young women, Menopause!

Anita Dyrbye once again delightfully presented on the topic of menopause today, November 27th at the CTV Edmonton morning show live.  Dianna Bowes founder of the Fabulous@50’s joined Anita to share her experience with menopause.

Anita brought forth the ‘Menopause Game’ as a fun way to learn some facts about menopause. Both Dianna and Stacey were pitted against each other with push buzzers in hand!   Anita threw out tough questions with Stacey quickly taking the lead quickly (she was faster pushing the buzzer than Dianna).   Stacey was surprised to learn how early in a woman’s life perimenopause can start as Anita gave some statistical facts after each question.

In summary Anita recommends that women learn about menopause at a younger age before symptoms start.  She suggested that a woman in her 30’s would do well to educate herself to understand how hormones affect her body as she ages. This will help dispel myths about menopause and change the negative attitude towards going through menopause not as an end but as a new beginning. Anita further suggests that by becoming armed with knowledge will better help women recognize symptoms as they appear enabling her to take affirmative action such as changing her diet and exercise to accommodate her body’s changing needs. This alone will help to make her journey through menopause much easier and without medical intervention when its her time to go through.  In 2015 a 10-year study about the attitude women have towards aging revealed that attitudes do affect how well women go through menopause.

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