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VIVACA Formally launched at the Fab@50’s event!

We are so proud to share VIVACA with the world! The product was formally launched at the Fabulous@50’s Martini Party last Saturday November 7th!

It’s been a nine-year journey to bring women a unique non-hormonal natural health supplement, the first of of its kind in Canada into the hands of some ‘hot’ women!   We are proud to say that VIVACA is completely made in Canada all the way from the growers of raw herbs to the finished product so that women can trust the product to be authentic!

During the launch the VIVACA team conducted a fun filled stage presentation called the “Menopause Game” where women got to spin the menopause wheel of symptoms and win great prizes!  The doctors shared the causes and solutions of each symptom.  It was a great learning for all with lots of laughs!

Then Anita Dyrbye shared her own more serious story of her journey through menopause at the tender age of 30 after a hysterectomy and her subsequent 18 years of hormone therapy treatments until she decided it was time to allow her body to go through mother-natures planned menopause.  “It was a ‘bumpy road so that’s why I wanted something to help ease the journey not only for myself but for all women.”

Women flocked to the VIVACA booth to sample the new product and choose the flavour they liked best! In addition many of them got a free 15 minute consultation with two clinical naturopathic doctors specializing in women’s health. It was a fantastic day for all!

VIVACA flew off the shelves quickly at the show! VIVACA is now available at the Vitality Health Food stores in and around the Edmonton area.

If you would like to try VIVACA please contact us at   IMG_7739

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